Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my student need to be to take driver’s ed?  15 years of age

What are the driver education requirements to complete the course?  Driver education consists of two parts; 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6-1 hour instructional drives.

Does my student have to attend a classroom session if they take the online course?
No, the online course is the same as the traditional in-class instruction to fulfill the 30 hours of classroom instruction.  So the student will either take the online course – or – in-class instruction, along with 6-1 hour instructional drives.

Does my student need to have their learner permit to start classes?  No, a student may begin classroom instruction without a permit.  In fact, we recommend the student wait until they have some general knowledge from the course before trying to take the test to obtain their permit.  

How does my student obtain their learner permit?  Once the driver education course is registered and paid in full, we will issue a ‘Certification of Driver Education’ (CDE) form.  This form must be presented at the BMV along with identity documentation to apply for a permit at age 15.

When can my student schedule their instructional drives with the drive school?  As soon as the student has their permit they may schedule drives.  We drive 7 days a week to accommodate the students’ busy schedules.  

How much earlier can my student get their license if they take driver’s ed vs. not taking it? 
With driver education completion and having held their permit for a minimum of 180 days, they may get their license at 16 and 3 months old.  Without driver education the age to obtain a license (after holding a permit for a minimum of 180 days) is 16 and 9 months.

Do insurance companies offer a discount on rates if my student takes driver’s ed?  Each insurance company has different standards and rate structures.  You’ll need to contact your agent for discount and rate information.  


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